Romanian President, Traian Basescu, in World Records Book

Traian Basescu, the President of Romania, entered the World Records Book, with the title: “Fastest Presidential answer to a citizen request“.

He promptly answered to an emergency citizen request on April 18 and has issued in less than two hours a Presidential Decree conferring of the National Order “The Star of Romania” to Mr. Professor Liviu Librescu.

The main point of this story which convinced us to recognize this somehow unusual (but very human-appealling) world record was that a President which knew he has only few hours left before being suspended by the Parliament, a President which has to approve and sign tons of documents during his last few hours as President, left everything behind -as requested by an ordinary citizen (a 23 years old girl, a marketing student!)- and did what a President always has to do in the first instance: served his Country, above anything else, even above his own personal political problems“, said Tom Howard, Head of Records for World Records Academy. He also added “We all have dreamed about changing the World in better, some still hopes, aren’t we? If the young generation still has this dream, it’s encouraging, especially when somebody like…a President, does fulfill their dreams.

No wonder why this President has become so popular among regular citizens in his country, Romania, and why the younger generation widely supports him: if you write a message (in a matter of National Interest) to a President and he do what he was asked to do, simply because the request was right, that’s the President I think anybody would LOVE to have!

US President George Bush about Hero Librescu:
Our flags fly at half-mast in memory of 32 souls whose lives were taken at Virginia Tech on Monday morning. That day we saw horror, but we also saw acts of quiet courage. We saw this courage in a teacher named Liviu Librescu. With the gunman set to enter his class, this brave professor blocked the door with his body while his students fled to safety. On the Day of Remembrance, this Holocaust survivor gave his own life so that others might live. And this morning we honor his memory, and we take strength from his example.

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