Vlad likes to… (Google)

Am ajuns acasă pe la ora 22. Până acum (1:35) am citit tot feed-ul (196 articole pe blog-uri, 32 știri, 11 articole pentru blog-uri). Am văzut o chestie care mi-a plăcut. Un joc.

Cum se joacă? Se accesează Google, și se caută “<numele tău> likes to” (cu tot cu ghilimele), și se pun pe blog primele 10 rezultate (sau dacă nu ai blog, măcar așa, de distracție).

Iată rezultatele căutării, pentru “vlad likes to”

  1. Vlad likes to take long walks on the beach, dance. (true)
  2. Vlad likes to stay up late and dislikes garlic. Could he really be a vampire? (true, false, don’t think so)
  3. Vlad likes to shoot skeet and fish. (uhm?)
  4. Vlad likes to surf the internet, read up on car statistics and spend time with his lovely wife, Alice. (true, false, didn’t know my future wife’s name)
  5. Vlad likes to snowboard or Kwame Brown is less effective than Eric Dampier. (false)
  6. Vlad likes to be scratched there too, but doesn’t lick. (i don’t?)
  7. Vlad likes to call people hypocrites – but is one of the most blatant hypocrites you will find. (false)
  8. Vlad likes to claim that his farting story was just a troll (maybe…)
  9. Vlad likes to ruffle the hair of the women he used to keep in his castle? (oh yes, now i have my castle…)
  10. Vlad likes to to work ….  (the most important)

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